Why I Learned How to Sew

Why I Learned How to Sew

Child's Viking Costume PatternWhen I was a young child, my mother was always sewing, cross-stitching, smocking, or making some other wonderful thing.  I quite appreciated having no limits when it came to shopping for new clothes, because anything that didn’t fit just right was just an alteration away with my mother around.  Strangely enough, however, I did not have much interest in sewing as a child.  Aside from one little crop top I remember making with my mom at age four or five and a few small cross-stitch projects here and there, I have no recollection of doing any major sewing with her.  It was not until the summer after high school graduation that I realized that I was about to leave home, probably forever, and I did not have sewing in my arsenal of home-making capabilities.  I had very few home-making capabilities, in fact, because I planned to go to college and build a career and hire someone else to take care of the mundane things like cooking and cleaning.  Ha! Fast forward to today, and I’m constantly trying to figure out how to ditch the career so I can wear my apron more.

Anyway, that summer I asked my mom to teach me to sew, because I wanted to have children one day, and I knew that I would need to make them Halloween costumes or alter their clothing on occasion.  Little did I know that when I did have children, one of them would have a body that only custom-made clothing would fit, and I would choose to stay home with them full-time, thus having a limited income for boutique-style clothing and pre-made Halloween costumes.

With all of that said, I have made some really fun costumes through the years, and I am sadly leaving behind the days of costume-wearing children toting “boo jacks” (those little plastic pumpkins for carrying candy) every October 31st.  I might have a couple years left to deck out my daughter for Halloween, but my son is officially done.  But you just never know when those costume-tailoring skills will come in handy.

I plan to share some tips, tricks, and tutorials for creating or altering costumes on a dime in the coming days.  We certainly have a closet full of them waiting to be written about.

A creative lifestyle and DIY blogger, I make something in every spare moment. Sewing, knitting, baking, crafting, and anything else requiring thoughtful creativity or that will make my family happy top the list of the things I like to do.

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