Gypsy Skirt Re-make

Gypsy Skirt Re-make

Gypsy Skirt Re-makeOnce upon a time I had a favorite old pair of Levi’s.  They were perfectly broken in, gloriously worn out, and holey in all the right places.  Until one day when I put my foot right through the knee when donning them, and alas, they ripped too much to be worn again without serious repair.  Though my much-more-stylish sister declared on facebook that there wasn’t any such thing as jeans with too many holes, I just couldn’t pull off the look myself.  So instead, I dug into my closet, pulled out a skirt whose fluffy gathered waistband made me look fat, and promptly sliced and diced the two together.  Since that time, this skirt has become the most-complimented outfit I ever wear.

I’ve actually made another one recently out of a long skirt from TJ Maxx and a 7 For All Mankind denim skirt from the Salvation Army Family Store (two of my favorite designer boutiques, by the way).  And I came to the conclusion that while I could write a tutorial on how to make this skirt with an old pair of jeans, it is really much easier to find a cheap denim skirt if you don’t already have one, because they are plentiful, and you don’t have the funny lines of the pant’s inseam to deal with.  This is a very simple skirt to make.

How to Upcycle Your Gypsy Skirt and Old Jeans

First, put on the denim skirt.  Then pull the longer fabric skirt up over the denim skirt and determine the overall length you need and where you want the two to meet.  Use some straight pins or fabric marking pens to mark them where they need to meet, and then add 5/8″ or so beyond the measured line on each garment (measuring down from the marked line on the denim, and up from the marked line on the bottom skirt).  Now–you’re still going to want those side pockets, so if the pockets hang down past where you want to sew the two skirts together, simply pull them out of the way and pin them to the top of the denim portion until you are finished sewing the rest of the project.  Cut the two garments, then align the edges right sides together, seam and serge.  *If your bottom skirt is not already the exact width around the top as the denim skirt, which it likely will not be, you will need to put a gathering stitch in the top edge and gather it to match the bottom edge of the denim skirt before sewing the two together.*  Press the bottom skirt down and top stitch on that bottom skirt right below where it meets the denim to hold it down and make it look finished.  And, as my daughter would say, “Wallah!” {Wink} You have a gypsy skirt re-made!

The only catch to this skirt is that if you have a skirt that is thin, like mine, it may have two layers.  And those layers may not actually match each other.  If that is the case, you are just going to make two separate bottom skirts out of them and then sew the second one on to the first before serging and top-stitching.

If I ever manage to get around to it, I’ll make a detailed tutorial that is more suitable for less experienced seamstresses.  Until then, though, hopefully this will be enough to get you off and running if you want to up-cycle something in your own closet.

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