FREE Monogrammed Knit Pattern

Free Monogrammed Knit Dishcloth PatternIf you like to knit, you’ll LOVE my monogrammed dishcloth patterns! Now you can try one for free from my Ravelry store.

>>Click HERE to download now. Or purchase the whole collection in my Etsy store.

Delight your friends with the personalized gift of hand-knit monogrammed dishcloths! The script letters used in these dishcloth patterns give an elegant touch, simply created by alternating knit and purl stitches to create each letter. No color-changing is necessary.

Helpful Info

  • The unique script letters are also charted in the pattern for use in other projects.
  • One special touch to this pattern is the option of two different styles of borders.
  • One average-sized skein of yarn can usually produce at least 2 dishcloths.
  • These dishcloths are about 9-10″ square (depending on your knitting style), which is larger than your typical knit dishcloth pattern, making them easier to use for dishes or bathing.

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