Five Realities of Fear

Five Realities of Fear

Fear has become part of my daily life.  Though I have never been one to have psychological issues.  I’m generally a mentally healthy person free from excessive anxiety and no “baggage” from my past.  And yet, here I am, daily dealing with fear.  I’ve learned a good bit through the last few months of a mega project I’ve been working on, and among those lessons learned are a few things about fear.

  1.  Many, many people live with fear on a daily basis.  Just this very day, I’ve communicated with 3 separate people who used the words “terrifying”, “scary”, and “fear” regarding their lives, goals or dreams.  Just because I have had a relatively fear-free life until recently, does not mean that the general population is not afraid.  I think that the opposite is true–I think that most people are afraid, on some major level, about something in their life.
  2. Fear can be a tremendous stumbling block, if you let it.  Sometimes I want to completely give up on what I am trying to accomplish, not because it is HARD, but because I am AFRAID of it.  I am AFRAID it will be too hard.  I am AFRAID that I might fail.  I am AFRAID of stumbling, so I just cop a squat and don’t even bother to get up where I could chance a fall.
  3. Fear is not a person, or a fact, or even a circumstance.  Fear is merely a feeling.  And if we can grasp a hold of this idea that fear is a feeling, we can determine to not let it have control over our thoughts and actions. Sometimes I say to myself, “Self, you are afraid.  You are terrified. You feel like you are going to puke.  Now get up and go do the thing, because you don’t have to feel good to do it.  You just have to do it.”  I felt like that today.  And I will feel like that tomorrow.
  4. Fear is a powerful motivator.  The very thing that makes me scared the most is failing at my project.  Because if I fail, then I will have to go back to life in the mundane.  And I am MORE AFRAID of failure, and MORE AFRAID of mundane than I am of the project at hand that has me shaking in my boots.  So that fear of failure that leads to mundane is what is powering me through the fear of doing the thing.
  5. Fear lets us know that we are invested in something, and that is a good thing.  If I am afraid that I will fail at my project, it means that I have put enough of my soul into it that it would hurt me if I failed.  And what if I do fail?  It means I tried.  I tried something big enough to have failed at it.  And I can pick up the pieces and try again.  (Now, try telling me that when I’m facing it.)

Create a WordPress WebsiteYesterday I launched the official marketing of my project over at— Workshop 1: Create a WordPress Website.  It is one of the most frightening of all projects I have ever undertaken.  It has at times nearly paralyzed me in fear, because if something about it goes wrong, it is going to be very public and very embarrassing.  But I am ignoring the feeling of fear and pressing forward.

So what about you?  What is your biggest fear?  What has you paralyzed, unable to move forward?

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