DIY Facial Cream Experiment

facialcreamI spend an inordinate amount of money on creams, ointments, and what-have-you on my face.  I’m sure my dermatologist likes to see me coming.  For some reason, I have developed very sensitive skin that gets dry patches of eczema if something I am allergic to even so much as brushes my skin.  The trouble is, I’m not sure what I’m allergic to, and I have no intention of doing the complicated allergy testing that I do not believe would totally answer my questions.  I do know a few things that I’ve discovered allergies to by sheer trial and error.  Because of this extreme sensitivity, I have become very reluctant to try any new beauty products whatsoever.  It simply takes too long to recover from an unexpected allergic reaction.

For quite some time I’ve been planning to make some homemade facial creams so that I would know exactly what ingredients they contain and could hopefully cut down on both the allergic flare-ups and the cost of my skin regimen.  I did a little bit of research and came up with 3 recipes that I tried today.  Two of them were from Amy at A Blossoming Life: DIY Hydrating Face and Body Cream, (which I call my “day cream”) and DIY “Miracle” Night Cream.  The other was Eczema Cream body butter from my friend and Young Living Essential Oils sponsor Rebecca Webb.  These creams gave me a wonderful way to use the essential oils that are known for working miracles on skin.  I left the day cream essential oil-free to be sure I didn’t smell too fragrant in the day.  In the night cream, I added Lemon Oil, which is known to lighten dark spots due to sun damage, and Sacred Frankincense oil, which smooths skin and reduces wrinkles.  I added both of those and some Lavender Oil to the body butter, but it turned out to be seriously greasy.  It’s probably one I would save for extreme cases of dry skin.  I’m hoping the miracle night cream will do such a great job on my dark spots that I will forget how much I spent on the bleaching creme from the dermatologist that I’m scared to use for fear of bleaching out my skin that does not have dark spots.

I honestly thought I would be able to pull off this little experiment in an hour or less.  Four hours and one thrown-out batch later, and I finally had some cream for my cute jars. I think if I ever go back to make re-fills, it should go a lot more quickly, since I know exactly what to do and will probably make one batch at a time.  I did find one thing missing on those cream recipes, though–paper towels.  The clean up would be impossible without them, and let me tell you–there was a lot of oil to be wiped up.  I nearly used a whole roll of paper towels in the project.  But that’s okay–my skin will be thanking me for it.

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