Daddy-Daughter Woodworking Project

Wooden Heart CharmWhile playing outside recently, Hunter told me that she wanted us to do a woodworking project. Let me interpret that for you, she would give me a project to build for her, while she watches! Well not exactly, usually she wants to help, and this was a perfect time to make something for Valentine’s Day. It took a few queries for me to establish exactly what she wanted to make, once we had an idea it was off to the shop to get started! So her idea was simple and quick, she wanted to make a heart! Awwww! Step one, first you will need to sketch out a heart or whatever you are planning to make.  Hunter drew the first one, it is the heart with the arrow drawn next to it.  After her example, I was instructed to make one a particular size, this took a few tries, but eventually I was able to make one that fit her eye.  Next I needed to cut out the heart, and this is where I folded the paper in half, to make a perfectly symmetrical heart.  Once we had the heart pattern cut out, we needed to search for a piece of wood for the project.  Fortunately when it comes to raw materials like wood, I am a pack rat, so we were able to find a piece of pine in just the right thickness.  After Hunter gave the wood a quick sanding to smooth out the material, now it was time to transfer the pattern.  We used notebook paper, but I would suggest a manilla folder or card-stock to cut out for a pattern.  Once you have transferred the pattern to the wood, you will need to take a saw to cut out the heart.  Just prior to making a cut, I found some clamps and fastened the woodworking to the table.  I happen to have a very thin with fine teeth wood saw that leaves a very good finish on woodworking projects.  Two cuts were made across the bottom of the heart, then two more up the sides.  Then two more cuts were made to remove stock from the top.  Last, two more cuts were made to finished out the top edge of the heart.  Take caution here as the heart will be weak, any heavy cut could land this project in the recycling pile.  Once the heart was cut out, there was considerable hand sanding to acquire the finish that we were going for.  Here we have one heart that fits perfectly in her little hand, just in time for Valentine’s Day!


















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