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William and Heather Kate PhotoWelcome to WilliamandHeatherKate.com, where we explore and create all things common.  Just an average Joe and his homemaking wife, we both love to make good things.  It is the very essence of who we are to solve a problem by making something new.  Or, perhaps, by making something different.  And we invite you into our lives to take a peek at the things we make.

As a {madly in love} husband and wife with two {handsome and beautiful} children who live the usual American busy life with jobs, schoolwork, and little leagues, we feel the pains of having more projects on our wishlists than will ever be accomplished.  But somehow we manage to squeeze in our crafty ways, partly out of joy and partly out of necessity.

It truly is the joy of creating that keeps us sane amidst the chaos of life.  And without meaning to, we have built into our children the same drive to make stuff.  It wouldn’t be unusual for us to spend an entire Friday night as a family refinishing a piece of antique furniture in the basement together, nor would it be unusual for us to be spread out from one end of the house to the other creating our own works of art.  We all prefer different media, from metal to fabric to paper to wood, but one thing is the same: we all love to create!

As you browse our site, we hope that you will find something useful or learn something new.  We will give away lots of tips, tricks, tutorials and tools, and we invite you to share our site with your social circles by pinning and liking everything that catches your eye.  This is a work in progress, so excuse our dust if things seem out of place every here and there.  Things get a little messy in our studio and workshop too!

Happy Creating!

William and Heather Kate

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