10 Ways to Re-Use Monogrammed Pocket Tees

10 Ways to Re-Use Monogrammed Pocket Tees

Monogrammed Pocket Tee Logo SmallAll these cute pocket tees and now what to do? Am I the only mom who shudders at tossing out monogrammed clothing? You can hardly resell it or even give it away, but even these ratty old t-shirts cry nearly aloud when I try to cull them out.

I’ve made a list of things I want to do with our selection of last year’s pocket tees, but finding time to do them will be all but a miracle. Instead, I’ve opted for doing a few and sharing my ideas with you so that you can do the rest.


  1. *SUPER EASY* Cut out the pocket and pin on bulletin board–fun place to stick a note or pen. Just trim the t-shirt close to the pocket–the jersey knit won’t really ravel.Re-Use Monogrammed Pocket Tees on Bulletin Boards
  2. *SUPER EASY* Cut out the pocket and glue on a magnet–this can hold appointment cards or notes.MonogrammedPocketMagnet
  3. *QUICK SEW* Make a small purse. Consider lining the inside with the coordinating pocket fabric to make it sturdier. And cut the remaining tee in strips for a braided strap.
  4. *HAND EMBROIDERY* Rip the seam out of the pocket and hand-stitch to a pillowcase–what a great place for the tooth fairy to make deposits!Monogrammed Pillow Case
  5. *QUICK SEW* Sew a ruffle or skirt on the bottom and keep wearing it. If it’s tight around the chest, cut those sleeves off and stitch on some coordinating bias.
  6. *QUILTING* Incorporate into a patchwork quilt.
  7. *NO SEW* Patch a holey pair of jeans or stitch/iron on to the back pocket of some plainish jeans using Wonder Under or a similar iron on adhesive product.
  8. *HAND EMBROIDERY* Hand-stitch onto a backpack as a patch–talk about a cute way to personalize a bag!Monogrammed Pocket Patch on Backpack
  9. *MIXED MEDIA* Put several pockets together and create a piece of mixed media art on a canvas–I’m seeing a flower made of several pockets
  10. *QUICK SEW* Make a Bible or Book cover–the pocket can hold the bookmark.Make a book cover with monogrammed pocketsJournal Cover with Monogrammed Pocket


If you make anything with your worn-out pocket tees, be sure to mention it on Instagram @heatherkatedesigns #hkmonograms or tweet @heatherkate. I’d love to see your ideas too!

A creative lifestyle and DIY blogger, I make something in every spare moment. Sewing, knitting, baking, crafting, and anything else requiring thoughtful creativity or that will make my family happy top the list of the things I like to do.

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